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Our Bigso Storage Boxes are constructed from heavy fiberboard instead of lighter weight cardboard for durability and strength. The laminated finish resists moisture and scratches for unblemished good looks. Made to our specifications, each box boasts a large storage capacity. As you would imagine, Our Bigso Shirt Box is perfect for shirts, sweaters and accessories. Label holders on two sides identify the contents. The heavy-duty, chrome-plated handles on Our Bigso Bold Box provide a secure grip while metal rivets on the lid ensure structural integrity. This multi-functional, oversized box is the natural choice for home storage of blankets, hats, sweaters, toys and magazines.||Constructed from heavyweight 90% post-consumer recycled fiberboard | 100% recyclable | Designed to fit elfa Shelves | Easy, no-tools assembly

Are there files inside the box or is it empty?

2 years, 5 months ago
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